Thursday, January 28, 2016

Here's the Plan!

So, here's what I am thinking: each week, we work on goals to achieve a more gracious demeanor and environment.  The goals may be different for each person, as all of us are on our own individual journey and at different places in different areas.  Ari and I will reflect upon our own goals and areas where we need improvement and how to do that, and we hope that you will share your own ideas and experiences in this regard in the comments!

If it feels like things are totally out of control, then maybe you only address one area, with a particular caveat:   it either needs to be taking care of you, or you need to include something to take care of you first. We cannot give grace unless we first receive it. And, again, I say that from experience after years of not taking care of myself.

 Not every subcategory will be addressed every week; these are all just areas to consider.

Areas of Focus:


Growing in Holiness (Spirit):




Building Community:

Keep in mind, the purpose of this is not to make ourselves better, but to place ourselves in a position to reach out to others, to share Christ with others, if not in word, through kindness, action, and service. So, give thought and prayer to what things you might need to do in these areas to reach a place from whence you can feel comfortable reaching out to others. Not just for creating your own safety net (I may have made it sound that way elsewhere), but for creating a safety net for others.

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