Friday, January 29, 2016

Hospitality--Lenten Prayer Group

Last year, I invited ladies to come and pray at my house once a week during Lent. Usually, it was two or three, once it was only one, and we prayed a Rosary and celebrated the thought that "where two or three are gathered in My name...."

I am part of a group of ladies that meet about once a month to discuss a faith-based book.  I was invited by a mom shortly after we started our kids at our parish school. It was a wonderful experience for me to meet women strong in their faith as I was just beginning to develop mine. I attended RCIA (series of meetings to learn about the Catholic faith, kind of "Catechism for adults" in preparation for becoming a Catholic) that same year.

The ladies take turns hosting the group, which is usually 5-7 women and choosing books of interest. I have hosted a couple times. It is often a late night, and I appreciate getting to just walk upstairs and go to bed, lol.  I am free during the day, though, and like to use the opportunity to do book studies during the week that don't take away from family time. I have, for the past couple of years, been attending studies at church, but the woman that hosted them has switched to doing one at night, and so this year I have not joined another.

So, I just sent out another invite for a Lenten prayer meet-up this year. I have the advantage of a go-to list of people to invite (our book group has a Facebook page). I will probably invite a few others whom I know who aren't on FB and a new neighbor down the street whom I know attends my church. My house could be cleaner, and hopefully, it will be before we get started in another week or so, LOL. I welcome little kids so that mamas can join--something that they sometimes don't feel comfortable doing at a prayer group/bookstudy at church--and try to pull out some things to keep kids busy.  Last year, we met up early after school drop-off, so I put out some food, but realized it might be nice to have some more toddler-friendly breakfasty offerings too, so I will plan to do that.

It will be Lent, and all, so I will try to have some fairly "clean" offerings. In 20 minutes, I've already
got two people hoping to come! :) The good thing about doing this is that it is once a year, during a time of year that we are not prepping for holidays, and here in the Great White North, are not doing a lot of outside work. It is a quiet time of year.I think it is good, too, because it is a time of year that people (um, I) tend to hole up and hide. Meeting up with a few friends helps to chase away the winter psychosis doldrums. Having people weekly keeps me in routine of cleaning, too. ;) The group is small, so it's not a huge outlay of food and drink. OK, there may be a lot of coffee consumed...just a hunch...

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